HAVEC Engineering deals with providing innovative solutions supporting operation of heavy duty machinery, in individual rotary kilns.

Havec Engineering Company, established in 2009, offer a wide range of specialist industry survey services to ensure that our Clients requirements are met for any kind of project.

Our team is a group of engineers with long experience in mechanical, technological, and engineering sectors.

We conduct our activities based on:

Comprehensive Inspections of Rotary Kilns.

Introducing diagnostic hardware to the market.

Hot Kiln Alignment technology transfer.

Training of technical personel.

Technical consulting of industrial sector.

Re-surfacing of running surfaces of rotary equipment.

Work of our specialists is, most of all, close contact with a Client and an immediate response to his needs. All services are performed at the highest level possible and within all current international procedures and requirements.

Advantages of HAVEC Engineering:

1. Accuracy of measurement

One of the most important part of Hot Kiln Alignment services are receiving accurate and reliable results of all the measurements, because based on this results important decisions and analysis are performed.

To meet these requirements the following condition must be met:

  • qualified people – Havec’s engineers are professional surveyors with high qualifications and MSc. diploma in surveying sciences in the field of Industrial Precision Measurements.
  • accurate and advanced equipment – use high precision Industrial Leica Robotic Total Station with extremely high accuracy, inductive sensors, digital dial gauges, laser distance meter etc.
  • technology - state-of-the-art technology allows to control accuracy at every stage of measurement. In addition, thanks to the build-in Automatic Target Recognition System human errors are reduced to minimum.

2. Independence

Havec Engineering has no connection with any kiln manufacturer or spare parts suppliers on the market. The main area of our actions shall be to conduct mechanical inspection and to specify activities (regulations, exchanges, repairs, modifications etc.) which should be performed to attain and maintain high effectiveness of the rotary kiln’s operation

3. The biggest number of kiln parameters measured

We stand out with the most extended scope of works on the market. Some of additional parameter offered as standard:

  • measurement of support rollers skew (in relation to kiln axis),
  • recalculation of kiln mechanical parameters: current loads on piers, pressure on bearings, Hertz pressures, bending stress in the shell, stress in the tires, calculation of stiffness matrix, optimization of kiln vertical axis position considering load distribution
  • measurement of thrust roller position in reference to kiln axis.
  • measurement of supports displacement: settlement and cyclic transverse movement
  • detection of thermal component of kiln shell crank
  • measurement of pinion geometrical position in relation to kiln axis.
  • measurement of root clearance and backlash parameters (if adequate access is provided – inspection panel).

4. Supervision

After all the measurements and report preparation we stay at the plant to supervise all our recommendation. If we recommend that some support roller adjustment is required we stay and supervise all the procedure according to international standards. We stay with you until all the actions is finished to make sure that kiln parameters are improved.

5. Technical report available directly after the service

We prepare final technical report on the spot. So all the recommendations and necessary action to improve kiln operation can be discuss and explain in detail. We will answer all the question directly.

6. Technical support

In case any question or unexpected problems with the kiln mechanics or maintenance will appear we offer our knowledge and experience even after our stay at the plant. You can always contact us with any technical matters and receive answers from our experts.

7. Unique additional services

Havec Engineering provide additional services that can help you resolve many problems with kiln operation like:

  • tire and roller resurfacing.
  • supervision over parts replacement or re-alignment of components.
  • independent technical consulting and root cause analysis.
  • automotive monitoring system designed to Client’s specific needs.
  • providing technical seminars to increase your people technical competences.


Hot kiln alignment - the main area of our actions shall be to conduct mechanical inspection and to specify activities (measurements, exchanges, repairs, modifications, etc.) which should be performed to attain and maintain high effectiveness of the rotary kiln's operation.


We hold a specialist hardware and software used for professional measurements. Application of relevant tools allows for effective diagnosis and monitoring of machinery and equipment operation.


We developed high precision measurement systems to allow to monitor current status of equipment and to plan maintenance activities. Hence, malfunctions and breakdowns can be reduced both in respect of their intensity and frequency.


We provide a wide scope of measurement services addressed to many industry branches. Highly precise measurements are the starting point for analyses and regulations supporting the work of machinery and equipment.