czujniki indukcyjne

An inductive sensor is an industrial automatics element reacting in case of approximating metal to its active area (sensor area).

Devices with such sensors and implemented by HAVEC Engineering are used to measure the distance or deviation (changes) of the distance to metal surfaces. Distance measurement takes place contact-free hence no contamination can impact the measurement accuracy.

Sensors are connected directly to the controlling unit (Multi-Box) and later to a computer installed with a respective software.

czujniki indukcyjne
czujniki indukcyjne
czujniki indukcyjne

Urządzenie w pełni dostosowane jest do pracy nawet w najtrudniejszych warunkach przemysłowych (odporne wysoką temperaturę i zapylenie), zapewniające dokładność pomiaru rzędu 0,01mm.

Main usage segments:

  • measurement of the shaft deflections of support rollers value
  • measurement of toothed rim axial run-out
  • measurement of tires axial run-out
  • measurement of toothed rim radial run-out
  • alignment of couplings’ construction elements
  • axial position of support rollers
  • testing the shape (circularity) of rotating elements in machinery - rings, rollers, etc.
czujniki indukcyjne
czujniki indukcyjne
czujniki indukcyjne
czujniki indukcyjne

Other typical examples of inductive sensors' application:

  • shifting, path, position, protruding
  • vibrations, deflection, vibrations clearance
  • centring, positioning, deviating
  • bending, waviness, deflection
  • thickness of layers, foils, rubber, insulation
  • dimensions, tolerance, sorting, parts reconnaissance
  • axial shifting, gear equability, axial run-out
  • run-out, deflection, axial vibration of roller
  • eccentricity, diameter, concentricity
  • grease gap, bearings swashing, bearings run-out
  • turbine gap, rotating speed
  • running the rim, position, width
  • thickness of tape, profiles, tension, overhang
  • gap between rollers, circularity


Hot kiln alignment - the main area of our actions shall be to conduct mechanical inspection and to specify activities (measurements, exchanges, repairs, modifications, etc.) which should be performed to attain and maintain high effectiveness of the rotary kiln's operation.


We hold a specialist hardware and software used for professional measurements. Application of relevant tools allows for effective diagnosis and monitoring of machinery and equipment operation.


We developed high precision measurement systems to allow to monitor current status of equipment and to plan maintenance activities. Hence, malfunctions and breakdowns can be reduced both in respect of their intensity and frequency.


We provide a wide scope of measurement services addressed to many industry branches. Highly precise measurements are the starting point for analyses and regulations supporting the work of machinery and equipment.