Ovalisation Sensor is a device measuring changes to circularity/curves in the rotary kiln shell during exploitation.

Flexible deformations i.e. "ovalisation" take place mainly in the pressed rings area.

This measurement allows to gain exact information regarding the level of mechanical load of the lining / kiln's shell and allows to undertake adequate repair actions due in advance to increase the durability of kiln's components.

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Analysis of measurement data is a recommendation for many potential causes of mechanical problems i.e.:

  • overload of support or incorrect tire's dimension
  • too big value of under-tire clearance (tire's migration)
  • crank in the shell
  • underload of the support
  • non-alignment of the kiln
  • cracks in the shell, shims
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Correct ovalisation (tolerance) value should be each time consulted with the producer of a specific type of lining. Based on our experience, a static example of a correct value depending on the shell's diameter can be depicted in the diagram below.

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Hot kiln alignment - the main area of our actions shall be to conduct mechanical inspection and to specify activities (measurements, exchanges, repairs, modifications, etc.) which should be performed to attain and maintain high effectiveness of the rotary kiln's operation.


We hold a specialist hardware and software used for professional measurements. Application of relevant tools allows for effective diagnosis and monitoring of machinery and equipment operation.


We developed high precision measurement systems to allow to monitor current status of equipment and to plan maintenance activities. Hence, malfunctions and breakdowns can be reduced both in respect of their intensity and frequency.


We provide a wide scope of measurement services addressed to many industry branches. Highly precise measurements are the starting point for analyses and regulations supporting the work of machinery and equipment.