Regeneration of raceways

Regeneration of raceways. Grinding of rolling surfaces of rotary kilns’ tires and support rollers.

The service offered by Havec Engineering allows for a quick and effective regeneration of rolling surfaces of kiln tires and rollers without interfering in the production process continuity.


Improved contact between working surfaces (equal pressure).

Cost savings, due to premature replacement of worn components.

Minimizing production losses – surface regeneration is carried out without interfering in the continuous production process.

Improvement of axial kiln balance.

Reduction of rotation resistance.

Longer service life of many kiln components (stop-blocks, bearing linares, resistance rings, girth gear, pinions etc.).

Reduction of rep air frequency.

No need to disassemble, transport and re-assemble components.

Low surface roughness after regeneration.

Immediate improvement in operations and reliability of kiln operations.

Correct operation of two rolling surfaces working together can only be guaranteed if components’ raceways have a normal cylindrical shape. Unfortunately, over time as well as due to continuous and uninterrupted operation, the rings and the support rollers wear out. This level of wear and tear, depending on geometric and material conditions, may vary. Main factors causing growth of the rolling surface deformation are as follows:

Roller shafts misalignment in relation to the kiln axis (in a horizontal plane).

Incorrect inclination of rollers

Tires’ axial run-out

Suport overload

Special equipment

HAVEC Engineering has a specialized equipment to effectively regenerate both rings and support rollers running surfaces without having to disassemble and interfere in the production continuity.

A specially designed gringing machine allows for:

Elimination of axial movement (displacement) of the grounded component.

Constant cutting parameters – constant pressure.

Low surface roughness after grinding.

Ensuring component’s diameter after machining.

Scope of services

Comprehensive services for rolling surfaces’ regeneration of kiln tires and suport rollers includes:

Preliminary analyzes to determine advisability and possibility of regeneration.

Non-destructive ultrasonic testing – allows to locate (x, y, and z coordinates) and determines the discontinuity dimensions within the material.

Measurement of geometry and run-out parameters of support components – mechanical inspection of a rotary kiln.

Grinding of rings’ and support rollers’ raceways under normal kiln operating conditions.

Measurement assistance and supervision of necessary adjustment to support rollers position during the grinding process.

Control measurement of the kiln geometry as well as final and optimal adjustment of support rollers and kiln axis.


Hot kiln alignment - the main area of our actions shall be to conduct mechanical inspection and to specify activities (measurements, exchanges, repairs, modifications, etc.) which should be performed to attain and maintain high effectiveness of the rotary kiln's operation.


We hold a specialist hardware and software used for professional measurements. Application of relevant tools allows for effective diagnosis and monitoring of machinery and equipment operation.


We developed high precision measurement systems to allow to monitor current status of equipment and to plan maintenance activities. Hence, malfunctions and breakdowns can be reduced both in respect of their intensity and frequency.


We provide a wide scope of measurement services addressed to many industry branches. Highly precise measurements are the starting point for analyses and regulations supporting the work of machinery and equipment.